Jakob Schauer is a musician and performer from Vienna. He has an extensive CV of solo and collaborative performances that include fixed media, audio-visual, sound for silent film and pure electronics, both improvised and rhythm focused. He has performed at a wide range of festivals that include Klangmanifeste, Playground AV Festival or Oktolog and played DJ gigs at VOLLKONTAKT in Vienna.

Jakob’s list of collaborators is long and has seen him work with Stefan Voglsinger, Maria Koller, Hui Ye, ABU GABI, Xava Mikosch, Clemens Hausch, MONOCOLOR, Hand Mit Auge, Urs Jucker, Semi Eschmamp, Christian Valerius, André Kellerberg and many more. His discography includes releases on Smallforms and MOOZAK where his focus has been on music and sound that falls under the contemporary, electro-acoustic, ambient and noise umbrella.

His Forwind debut with the powerful seven track trip, ‘In death I am caressing you’. A considerable amount of time was spent developing the music and ideas into a magnetic mix of deep drones, eerie atmospherics and blissful melancholy with a good dash of humour in the surreal and vibrant cover photos.

Further he is the curator of the concert row „Wow! Signal“ and the annual “Wow Signal Festival” for audiovisual arts in collaboration with Hand Mit Auge in Vienna.

Antlitz“, November 2018, MOOZAK.
Gaia’s Birth“, December 2019 SMALLFORMS.
In Death I Am Caressing You“, September 2021, For/Wind
Phantom Glade“, August 24th 2022, Collaboration on BeachBuddiesRecords

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